onsdag 24 april 2013

Reduce your food waste with these tips

It's a couple of years now that our family has tried to lessen our food waste. I think in our little family we have succeeded relatively well. I'm super proud of that and I've learned that even when you think you have nothing to cook with, it's almost always not true. I've also come to enjoy experimenting with cooking new things from leftovers and from what can be found in the cupboards.

What works for us:

  • planning meals 4-5 days ahead, and shopping according to that plan. A whole week ahead is a bit too much for us and I've realized that when I plan four days ahead the food often lasts the whole week anyway because we eat leftovers for lunch or unexpectedly eat out one night. On the weekend we also have more time to check what is left from the week and cook with that and if we need the odd thing from the shop we can do the next week's shopping at the same time.
  • Remember that recipes don't need to be followed exactly as described. Almost everything can be replaced (try Google if you want advice on what to replace an ingredient with)!
  • Best Before dates are also just a suggestion; most things can be eaten after that date. Try smelling and tasting before throwing stuff out!
  • Don't be afraid to buy things that are almost out of date in the store. Try to eat it the same day or freeze it for few days. Whatever isn't sold by the end of the day will be thrown out. Here are some pics with "red note" products from a grocery store in Finland this summer. I got a bit overwhelmed by the whole aisle full of those (on the pics there only few), but my friend who worked in a store convinced me that people do buy it by the end of the day. I sure hope so!

 I have to also admit that our dog helps with some scraps whenever it is things he can eat. Meat is of course good dog food but broccoli and carrots, for example, are OK for dogs. Avoid, among other things, onions, potato, grapes, raisins and especially chocolate! Don't give too much. Mixing it with the dog food is a good idea and lessens the amount of dog food accordingly.

  • Last but not least, the food you throw away, compost it or throw it in the bin for food waste.

Catarina Holmsten-Carrizo
Part of the post had previously been posted in the blog Rules of Green.

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