måndag 29 april 2013

Lunch rice becomes part of dinner

I tried this Thai Rice recipe for lunch the other day. However, there was a lot of rice left after our lunch so I decided to turn the rice into the filling for bell peppers in the oven for dinner. Easy and delicious!
Thai rice recipe (serves 4, or 2 if you want to have leftovers for dinner).

2 dl 
rice-filled bell peppers

4 dl 
vegetable stock
0,5 tbsp 
10 cm 
leek, finely chopped (I used normal onion though as we didn’t have leek at home)
1 tbsp 
oil for frying
1 box/bag 
bean sprouts
chili, finely chopped
Cook the  rice with the vegetable stock according to the instruction on the package. Fry the eggs in the butter in a frying pan on both sides and cut into pieces. Fry the leek or onion in another frying pan. When the rice is cooked mix it in with the onion together with the bean sprouts, chili and egg pieces. Serve.
As we were only two people there was some rice left so I decided to reuse the rice for dinner.  I filled some bell peppers that I had cut into halves with the rice and topped them with a sundried tomato and loads of cheese. Yammi!

Catarina Holmsten-Carrizo

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