tisdag 7 maj 2013

Suspended Coffee

The scrap lunch project group heard about suspended coffee some time ago and we really liked it. We were all very happy to shortly afterwards hear that the concept had spread also to Uppsala. At the moment in Uppsala you can buy a suspended coffee at Café Linné Hörnan. 

So what is suspended coffee? It all started in Italy in Naples, where it is a local tradition. When you buy your espresso in the local café, you also pay for an extra. When you pay for the extra coffee the owner of the café will keep track of this and if someone comes who can’t afford a coffee they can have one of the suspended ones. Obviously, it is not supposed to be misused but the coffees should be for the ones in need, like homeless people. 

We hope there will be more cafés which will jump at this opportunity to contribute to society and as a customer if you see the suspended coffee logo in a café, go for it and buy the extra coffee!  Apparently some cafés have also extended the coffee idea and now provide also suspended meals and sandwiches.

If you want to support this initiative on Facebook you can find the international community here and the Uppsala community here

Catarina Holmsten-Carrizo

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