onsdag 1 maj 2013

Five things you can do to make your food last longer

1.      Check the date and find out about different date labels. Did you know that you can freeze food right up to 24hrs before the use-by date.
2.      Planning your meals is one of the most effective ways you can cut wastage and food bills. Check your cupboards, write a list, take it to the shops and stick to it.
3.      Store your food correctly to keep it fresh for longer. Apples go in the fridge, potatoes in a cool dark place and store bread in the cupboard or freezer.
4.      Use your storecupboard to create meals from leftovers. Any spare fresh tomatoes could be added to some canned ones to make a great topping for pizza. Rice would turn leftover chicken and wrinkly peppers into a delicious summer salad.
5.      When you get home with your shopping, it is a good idea to transfer as much as you can straight into the freezer. If you have large packets of chicken pieces or fish, divide them up and freeze individual portions.

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