torsdag 9 maj 2013

Guest Post: Don't Waste the Taste

We are happy to introduce a guest post by the original scrap lunch project in Lund, who inspired us with the idea for our luncheon.

 Food waste initiatives goes nation wide! 

Many congrats from Lund for The Scrap Lunch Project's first successful event! It's truly amazing to see these initiatives spreading and we are excited to see which city will be next.

In December 2012, we from the Don't Waste The Taste project fed hungry 'lundabor' with a hot, steaming curry made from food that was destined for the bin. Despite the biting cold (we were outside in the Botanical Garden), 130 people happily waited in line to enjoy the scrap food meal and learn more about why we need to cut our food waste. To read more about it, check out

As we consider anyone trying to cut food waste a great friend we'd like to share a recipe with all of you in Uppsala! The main ingredient is cheap, orange, healthy and often forgotten to rot in the bottom of the fridge...... have you guessed the ingredient? If you thought 'carrots' then you're absolutely right, so here's a delicious, heart-warming recipe for carrot and ginger soup:

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