tisdag 26 mars 2013

Simple Food Storage Tips

No one likes to throw away good food. By understanding the best ways to store food you can make it taste better and last longer and therefore save money. Here are a few tips on storing fresh produce and perishables:
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  • Note that “best if used by” dates tell grocers how long to keep the products on the shelf inside the store. You can usually keep eating perishables like meat and dairy products after the date have passed as long as the products have been properly stored.
  • Store leftovers in small containers that can be tightly sealed. Doing so will prevent bacteria from growing due to air exposure.
  • When preparing food, keep it out of the fridge for the shortest time possible.
  •  Don’t overfill your fridge. Storing too many groceries will raise the temperature of some of the products and cause them to spoil more quickly.
  •  Fruits and vegetables should always be stored in bags as this keeps them fresher. So if you buy fruits and vegetables loose in the store, put them in a lightly tied bag inside the fridge once you get home. The air inside the bag will keep the items fresher for longer and slow down decomposition. 
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